Madison Park Shoreline Renovation / by Mark Garff

Shoreline restoration is the ultimate combination of art and science.  Get either wrong, and you’ve got unhappy clients and unhappy regulators!  For this Madison Park project on Lake Washington, our client wanted to remove an outdated, dilapidated and ugly bulkhead.  

Removing a bulkhead usually creates an opportunity to build a beach and provide shoreline access for family and friends while at the same time upgrading and supporting better habitat for fish.   Selecting the right rock and placing it properly while re-contouring the site ensures long term stability and shoreline protection.
For the Madison Park project, the narrow property left just enough room for a small beach cove, logs and large boulders for sitting and enjoying the lake, and native planting along the water’s edge.  Everyone is happy:  Our client, family and friends and, of course, the fish in the lake.

Photography by: Miranda Estes