SCJ Studio specializes in residential gardens and site planning, as well as public and urban spaces, parks, ecological restoration, and navigating tough permitting requirements.  We are strategic thinkers and enjoy challenging work.  We are team players, and understand the complex environment in which we do our work, as our experience in Washington runs deep. 

 Our landscape architecture-focused office is in Seattle, but is part of a larger group of talented engineers, planners, biologists and designers with locations in Wenatchee, Lacey, Centralia, and Vancouver. We listen to our clients and the community, taking their vision to bring to life design solutions that exceed expectations, are site-sensitive and appropriate, and match the project constraints.

No matter the location, we understand and consider local climate when developing our plans.  In particular, planting design is a true art. Plants are dynamic from season to season and year to year.  We consider all four seasons when selecting material, and specify materials based not just on what it looks like today, but what it will look like ten months and ten years after installation.

We are dedicated to making the places we live better.  Whether that is by developing plans for entire communities or creating intimate spaces for you and your family, we are proud of our high quality designs that are sensitive to the community, the site and your budget.

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Mark S. Garff, ASLA, PLA

Growing up in Utah, Mark developed a deep love for the outdoors and wide, open spaces.  After working at a retail plant nursery in high school, he quickly became a self-proclaimed "plant nerd"; when he discovered that there was a profession called landscape architecture that combined these passions, there was no looking back.  Mark received his BLA at the University of Washington and believes that the most satisfying part of his job is helping clients achieve their dreams. Mark is a registered landscape architect and brings a deep knowledge of ecological restoration, native planting design, residential gardens and permitting to the practice. He spends his free time gardening and messing around with old cars or working on his old house.

Keith Jankovsky

Keith Jankovsky, ASLA, PLA

Keith made his decision to specialize in Landscape Architecture during his 3rd year of college while studying architecture at the University of Arizona. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2003 from rival ASU with a BSLA in Landscape Architecture.  While the differences between the Pacific Northwest and the Sonoran Southwest are many, a few things remain the same. Clients still have the same expectations from designers to facilitate their vision and complex design problems persist from project to project. Keith is a project manager who is quick to problem solve challenging issues at all scales. He is happily married with two dogs that are more or less treated like human children and his current interest is discovering the local trails in the surrounding the Seattle area.

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Alyse Wright, ASLA

Alyse realized her passion for design early in life after watching a high school project go from pencil sketch to poured concrete. She was struck by the impact a landscape architect could have on the physical environment and the natural world.  Alyse enjoys the act of creating and working with her hands, particularly welding, a skill she learned during her design-build capstone project.  She has also spent time as a volunteer forest steward, which helped build her knowledge of the flora and fauna of her native state of Washington.  She earned her BLA at the University of Washington and enjoys weekend hikes with her husband and daughter. As all good landscape designers should, she also enjoys gardening!

Hailey Mackay, ASLA

Hailey discovered her passion for landscape architecture through her love of plants. Growing up gardening with her family in Seattle, she found endless inspiration in the complex world of flora. With a background in fine art and oil painting, Hailey discovered landscape architecture as her ideal profession – where she could merge her enthusiasm for plants with her painterly interest in form, texture, and color. A passion for designing evocative landscapes led Hailey to earn her Master of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Washington. In practice, Hailey strives to create resilient, vibrant landscapes that embrace the flora and climate of the Pacific Northwest. In her free time, Hailey enjoys visiting the family homestead in Lewis County and observing native plant communities in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. 

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Leopold “Leo” McFluffy Pants, AKC

With a wide range of professional experience including lounging on exotic beaches to vigorously defending his right to roll in the snow at the west’s best kept secret trails, Leo brings a passion for discerning the subtleties of each unique site through olfactory engagement with all encountered objects.  A graduate of Oxford University with a degree in Descending From English Bullmastiff Royalty, Leo lives life in the moment, taking each challenge head on (physically, with his head), and improving the quality of life for all those who don’t mind a little slobber and warmth. Leo enjoys exploring Seattle and road-tripping in the back of air-conditioned vehicles, particularly those with large back seats or even larger cargo areas.  As an ambassador for all bullmastiffs, Leo is quite at home in front of adoring crowds, where his ebullient actions speak louder than words.

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